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Crossing The Nullarbor.

Xplore Eyre’s Australian outback tours are unique. The ocean features more prominently on our outback tours than most, for a start.

Focussing exclusively on the regions between Adelaide and Perth, we specialise in exploring Australia’s spectacular southern coastline. Our tours travel throughout South Australia and the south-west of Western Australia.

Many people planning trips in Australia ask:

“Where should I travel in Australia if I have two weeks?”

Our answer is: a 10-day Adelaide to Perth tour (or Perth to Adelaide tour) is unbeatable because it’s a truly unique Australian outback tour. The diversity of the landscapes and experiences will surprise you. And it will reconnect you with nature, wildlife, and a feeling of adventure.

And those few extra days you have? They’ll give you time to explore the vibrant cities at either end of the tour.

Travelling in executive four-wheel-drive vehicles, we take you on a 4000 km journey across the Nullarbor Plain. The land is wild and rugged and the vastness is almost beyond imagining.

On Xplore Eyre tours you’ll dine in premium restaurants and enjoy world-class local produce and wine.

Each night, sleep in comfort in quality accommodations, from award-winning hotels to villas, apartments and eco-cottages.

The best outback tour for foodies

Do you love good food and wine? If your answer is ‘yes’ then our tours were designed especially with you in mind!

Experience Coffin Bay Oysters on a Coffin Bay tour
World-famous Experience Coffin Bay oysters, fresh from the sea.

Along the way, a smorgasbord of delights awaits you. Feast on sensational fresh seafood like the world-famous oysters of Coffin Bay, fresh from the sea. Enjoy the finest local produce and wines at venues that vary from award-winning restaurants and vineyards to popular local cafés and pop-ups.

Manjimup truffles, The Truffle & Wine Co.

Some highlights include:

If you’re looking for culinary tours that combine gastronomy and adventure, this tour is most definitely for you.

Wine experience on Xplore Eyre Australian outback tours
Enjoy a wine experience at Oranje Tractor Wines, near Albany, Western Australia.

Nature, wildlife and culture

Reconnect with nature on world-class wildlife encounters. Whale watching, swimming with sea lions and dolphins, cage diving with great white sharks, and getting up close to wild koalas and kangaroos in their native habitats.

Engage with Aboriginal culture on authentic Indigenous experiences.

The scenery is a photographer’s dream—from sand dunes, beaches and bays to the 200 km long Bunda Cliffs—the longest coastal cliff formation in the southern hemisphere. From the Nullarbor Plain to the giant Karri forests of Western Australia. Mountains, national parks, country and coastal towns—each place we go will surprise you.

Australian outback tours are also ideal for those who want to disconnect from their everyday lives. Tell the office you’ll be out of range, say goodbye to emails, and hello to mother nature. We’ll be out of range of most digital communications for much of the trip so put those phones on flight mode. But do keep your camera handy as there’ll be a lot of sights worth capturing.

Safety, however, is our number one priority and our expert guides travel with satellite phones, for use in the unlikely event of an emergency.

See a cute wild koala at Mikkira Station on a Port Lincoln Food and Wine Tour

Where do we go?

The regions we cover span South Australia and the south-west of Western Australia. And destinations we visit along the way include Coffin Bay, the Nullarbor Plain, Margaret River, and beyond.

We’ve been bringing people to these incredible places for some time but a few of our favourites are a little less secret having found their spots in the limelight this year. Coffin Bay in South Australia has just been named as one of Australia’s top 10 towns by Australian Traveller, as has Yallingup in Western Australia’s Margaret River region.

Yallingup Beach

Margaret River also has the honour of being named as Lonely Planet’s Best in Asia Pacific 2019 because it is such an extraordinary destination.

Some of Margaret River’s main attractions are its decadent food, premium produce, internationally renowned wine, surfing, art and a love for nature. It also has stunning walking tracks that meander along the river and through the surrounding forest to the vineyards and farms.

We still have a few gems to share with you which you might never otherwise find on your own.

Your adventure begins in either Adelaide or Perth, and over the next 10 days, we’ll show you –

  • Port Lincoln
  • Coffin Bay
  • Baird Bay & Ceduna
  • Head of Bight & The Nullarbor
  • Esperance
  • Cape Le Grand National Park
  • the south-west coast of Western Australia including Albany
  • Denmark & Walpole
  • Margaret River

While we don’t go to Uluru / Ayer’s Rock (as that’s up in the Northern Territory, in Australia’s “Red Centre”) you’ll see some other amazing geological formations. For example, the Haystacks, Wave Rock, and Castle Rock, among others, as well as some fascinating blowholes and caves.

Small Group Tours vs Private Tours

Small group tours are perfect for those wanting to enjoy the best Australian destinations without the crowds. Designed for 2 to 7 passengers, they are perfect for couples and groups of friends happy to share the experience with other people.

Our private tours are ideal for family groups, couples and groups of friends looking that extra bit of luxury on their wilderness journey. We require a minimum of 2 people to travel, or a single supplement fee can be applied if you are travelling alone.

You also have the option of tailor-made tours. Tell us about how you want to explore the outback and we can create a tour just for you.

Whichever you choose, our adventure tours will take you off the beaten track through stunning natural landscapes that will take your breath away.

Hassie, the owner of Xplore Eyre, describes his first experiences crossing the Nullarbor

“I can remember crossing the Nullarbor for the first time. It was in 1973 with my father when I was 13 years old. We were in our Valiant Station Wagon and the road was all dirt at that time. There were huge potholes and my dad thought the best way to get over them was to not go in them. He would go as fast as he could to pretty much fly over them. I remember pulling up at Eucla where we were going to sleep the night but Dad said, ‘You’ve snored most of the way across son, let’s just keep driving’. That’s my first recollection of the Nullarbor.

My first Australian outback tour across the Nullarbor was back in 2004. That’s when we first purchased Nullarbor Traveller (the sister company of Xplore Eyre). I couldn’t tell you how many times I’ve been back and forth over that 4000 km each way between Adelaide and Perth. But I can tell you I haven’t done it near as many times as my guides or wife. One guide might do up to 80,000 km back and forward in one season alone! It is one of the longest haul tours in Australia. But they keep coming back every year because they love it. That says something, doesn’t it?

Every time I cross the Nullarbor, whether it’s taking a tour, camping with my wife or transferring a vehicle, it always holds something special for us. It’s just a really unique destination. It combines the outback, spectacular beaches and coastlines, and unique wildlife. It covers two-thirds of Australia. And it ticks all the boxes of what people come to Australia for. The Nullarbor is one part of a very comprehensive journey. You’ll see an amazing part of Australia as you travel east to west (or west to east) across southern Australia.”

Nullarbor wildlife sign 96 Km

Outback tours from east to west (or west to east) in Australia

Trekking across Australia is a very different experience than going up or down the east coast.

For example, the journey from Adelaide to Perth is iconic. Adelaide, Kangaroo Island, the Flinders Ranges, the Eyre Peninsula, the Nullarbor and over into the south-west of Western Australia. That’s what Australia is really about.

Most people tour Australia from north to south. But when you come across from east to west, you see far more dramatic differences and diversity in the landscapes.

From the Eyre Peninsula to the Great Australian Bight and Nullarbor, to the beaches of Esperance and the old-growth Karri forests of the Margaret River region. It’s a very different experience when you are travelling ‘across’ Australia. On Australian outback tours you get to see so much more, and people are always amazed.

If you can take the time to slow down and see it all, you’ll see something very special.

You can experience the magnificent beauty and diversity of the Nullarbor on our outback tours from Adelaide or Perth.

Australia’s ultimate road journey

The best Australian outback tours are the ones without the crowds. Take the road less travelled and discover remote destinations that are still pristine, untouched and less explored. Feel the spirit of adventure whilst travelling in safety and comfort. Take yourself far from the world you know with a passionate guide. They will share their knowledge with you and ensure you experience all the highlights.

Xplore Eyre is a small family owned and operated company. In other words, this allows us to offer you personalised service and total flexibility. Tell us what you want and we’ll do our best to make it happen.

Above all, book with us and travel with peace of mind knowing that our tours meet the highest standards for responsible, ethical, sustainable travel. Xplore Eyre is an Advanced Eco Accredited company, certified by EcoTourism Australia. We ensure your journey is 100% carbon-neutral and that we leave the land better than we found it.

Our Australian outback adventures are the best way to experience it all because we know this land like the back of our hands. We’re also deeply passionate about what we do. We’ve perfected our itineraries for over 10 years so you are guaranteed the trip of a lifetime.

Book your outback tour today

Book your tour of the Australian outback today and come with us on a journey to wild places. You’ll be so glad you did.

Travel in an executive 4WD vehicle on a guided tour of the Australian outback.
Travel in an executive 4WD vehicle on a guided tour of the Australian outback.

We also have 1, 3, 4, 5 and 6 day tours that may suit you more.