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“As a tourist from the Netherlands, I didn’t know quite what to expect when I visited South Australia’s Eyre Peninsula this summer, as it is a place I had never heard of. I can’t imagine why as it is one of the most spectacular, wild and beautiful places I have ever travelled. Which got me wondering, is this Australia’s best-kept secret?

If I was to describe the Eyre Peninsula to someone who hasn’t been there I would tell them it was home to beautiful beaches that you can have all to yourself. That huge limestone cliffs drop dramatically into the Southern Ocean and when you stand at the top of them taking it all in you feel so connected with nature. I’d tell them they can enjoy delicious seafood and wine and what I loved the most about my experience on the Eyre Peninsula, was the incredible wildlife encounters that I had.

Aquatic Adventures

For people that love aquatic adventures, the Eyre Peninsula is the ultimate destination. One of my highlights on the Eyre Peninsula was a half-day cruise with Baird Bay Eco Tours where travellers can experience swimming with wild dolphins and sea lions on the same trip! Yes, you heard right. The same trip! I didn’t think you could top swimming with the majestic and inquisitive wild dolphins but splashing around with the puppy dogs of the sea in the crystal-clear water at Baird Bay was one of the happiest days of my life! This is why you have to do an Eyre Peninsula tour!

I experienced absolute bliss on this Eyre Peninsula tour

Encounter Wildlife

Whale watching is another popular wildlife attraction of the region. Hundreds of southern right whales splash around in the coastal waters in season between May and October and whale watching cruises depart from Port Lincoln.

Port Lincoln, or Australia’s seafood capital as it’s also known, is also home of the adventure experience of shark cage diving with great whites and it’s the only place in Australia where you can do this extreme, adrenalin-pumping activity.

I wanted to explore the Eyre Peninsula’s capital however I didn’t have a car so I jumped on a Port Lincoln Day Tour that included everything. A fantastic guide called Paul took us to the beautiful Port Lincoln National Park followed by a coastal drive along Whalers Way where you’ll see more breathtaking scenery.

Incredible Seafood and Wine

Another highlight was seeing so many wild koalas chilling out in the trees at Mikkira Station and a delicious seafood lunch at the iconic Fresh Fish Place. South Australia is internationally recognised for its wine and there are also some great wineries on the Eyre Peninsula. We stopped off at one for some tasting.

For one small region of Australia (well, small by Australian standards!), the range of experiences the Eyre Peninsula has on offer is incredible. Coastal, wildlife, food and wine and adventure.

Reconnect with Nature

I had the feeling on the Eyre Peninsula that everywhere I went I’d get surprised. Whether that’s on a coastal hike, sand-boarding massive dunes, unexpected wildlife encounters, beautiful lonely beaches and quaint coastal and outback towns. Oh and the sunsets. They are something else!  

The Eyre Peninsula is truly extraordinary and I’m sure it won’t stay Australia’s best-kept secret for long.”


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