Luxury Escapes in Australia

Travel to reconnect with nature and adventure

Enjoy luxury escapes in Australia, with food and wine, nature and adventure, far away from the tourist crowds.

Australian Luxury Escapes

Xplore Eyre will take you to the remote destinations in style.

Be chauffeured in safety and comfort in an executive four-wheel-drive, with an expert guide.

Experience wildlife encounters that will take your breath away, from swimming with playful sea lions and dolphins, to cage diving with great white sharks.

Stand at the majestic Head of Bight and watch whales frolic in the Great Southern Ocean. Or take a scenic flight over them.

Discover koalas and emus in their native habitat, wild and free. And kangaroos sun-baking on the whitest beaches you’ve ever seen.

Meet Indigenous Australians and learn about their ancient culture.

See the sun set over the Flinders Ranges.

You can hope on a scenic flight there, too.

Or fly over a brilliant pink lake in WA for the best possible view.

Eat the freshest foods and taste the finest local wines.

Learn the secrets of some of Australia’s finest chefs in cooking masterclasses at celebrated vineyards and restaurants.

Sleep in accommodations – from comfortable outback homesteads to 5-star luxury lodges – and wake refreshed and rejuvenated.

Whether you travel from Perth, or from Adelaide, you’ll experience the ultimate road trip of a lifetime.

Our luxury escapes in South Australia and the south-west region of Western Australia are life-changing because you’ll see things differently.

Book now for a unique and authentic experience like no other, with Xplore Eyre.