A little something extra

While our tours are all inclusive of accommodation, meals, activities, entry fees, National Park fees, transport and taxes, there are a few Optional Extra Experiences that we leave to you to decide if you would like to do depending on which tour or tailor-made package you choose.

Swimming with Sea Lions, Seal Cove

Swim with Sea Lions & Dolphins at Baird Bay

Operates September to May — $180 pp

Available on The Great Australian Wilderness Journeys.

This is a life enhancing experience and really two incredible experiences rolled into one. You may have swum with dolphins before but the interaction you will have with the sea lions and dolphins together at Baird Bay is once-in-a-lifetime and truly inspiring. This cruise sees you head out into the crystal clear calm waters of the Eyre Peninsula.

The rare and endangered Australian sea lions are the puppy dogs of the sea splashing, jumping, twisting, and twirling all around you and if you’re lucky you might even get a kiss. The magical bottle nose dolphins won’t disappoint either.

This experience includes a 3-hour cruise with all equipment and morning tea provided. You can check out all the details Baird Bay Eco Experience and make sure you book this with us in advance.

Swimming with Sea lions, Seal Cove

Swim with Sea Lions Port Lincoln – Adventure Bay Charters

Please note does not operate June-August

$215 pp

Head out on this half-day cruise to the crystal-clear waters of Seal Cove off Port Lincoln, where the puppy dogs of the sea will welcome your arrival with great excitement! Swim, snorkel, paddle and splash about in the company of these inquisitive animals as they splash, jump, twist and twirl all around you. If you’re lucky you might even get a kiss! Included in the cost is your mask, snorkel, wetsuit and fins, light breakfast served in departure lounge, morning tea on board & free photos. Head to Adventure Bay Charters for all the details.

underwater great white shark diving

Great White Shark Experiences in Port Lincoln – Adventure Bay Charters

Port Lincoln is the only place in Australia where you can get up close and personal with these incredible predators and trust us, this is an experience that will stay with you a lifetime!

This is Australia’s first Advanced Eco-certified White Shark Tour. Sustainable and responsible, Adventure Bay Charters use rock music to attract the sharks, which also makes for a great vibe on the boat for your tour. They also have the only Aqua Sub, dry glass viewing platform with 360-degree views of the Great Whites in their natural habitat. This allows you to come face-to-face with the sharks and the cage divers whilst staying dry! If you are feeling brave you can upgrade on the day to have the ultimate thrill of plunging into the Southern Ocean with the sharks, from within the safety of the cage.

This full-day tour to the Neptune Islands departs at 6.30am and returns at 6.30pm. It includes all equipment, breakfast, morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea. You also receive a selection of free images, which they will email to you within a couple of days.

Cost structure

  • Full Day Tour/Aqua Sub Access – $350 pp (at time of booking)
  • Cage Dive – $175 pp (paid on board)
  • $39 ‘Department of Environment Fee’ is payable on the day regardless of which option you choose (paid at reception)

 If you opt to enter the cage but do not see any Great White Sharks you will not pay the $175 Cage Entry fee, just the $350 + $39.

Visit Adventure Bay Charters for more detail here.

Shark cage diving with great whites port lincoln

Cage Dive with Great White Sharks – Calypso Star Charters

Calypso Star Charters was established in 1990 and have a proud history of providing safe and exciting Advanced Eco Certified Shark Cage Diving. They are the only operator permitted to use natural fish berley (chum) to attract the sharks.

The full day’s charter boards at 6.30am and it takes about 2.5 hours to get out to the Neptune Islands. No diver experience is required. All food and equipment is supplied and MV Calypso Star 2 is the only Shark Cage Diving vessel fitted with a Gyroscopic Stabiliser, greatly increasing guests’ comfort throughout the day.

Please note the $532 rate is inclusive of a $37 Department of Environment Fee.

On days of nil sightings of White Sharks, all guests will be refunded $100 and provided a $200 voucher off a future tour.

You can check out some footage on Calypso’s website.

Whale watching flight over the Great Australian Bight

Head of Bight Marine Park Scenic Flight

Available on Head of Bight Ocean & Outback Tour
$275 per person (min 2 people and maximum of 3 people)

Get a whole new perspective of this incredible landscape taking a 45-minute scenic flight over the Head of the Great Australian Bight and outback.

Please keep in mind

These tours are operated separately to Xplore Eyre and therefore the terms and conditions of each of these companies apply. Weather can play an important part in the operations of these tours and occasionally a tour may be cancelled which is beyond our control. If that is the case you will be provided a full refund.