Esperance & Cape Le Grand Tours

Esperance is the town where the goldfields meet the squeaky-white beaches and turquoise waters of the Recherche Archipelago.  Esperance is blessed with untouched islands and colour-filled wildflower country and the jewel of its crown is Cape Le Grand National Park featuring Australia's whitest beach, Lucky Bay.

Esperance is a one-and-a-half-hour flight or an eight-hour drive south-east from Perth. Either way a four-wheel drive is a must and with a local as your guide we can take you off the beaten track and show you all the hidden gems you’d never find yourself!

Other things to do in Esperance are Indigenous cultural tours, island cruises, diving and fishing charters, abseiling, sand boarding, canoeing, mini golf and steam train rides.

Located approximately 50 km East of Esperance, Cape Le Grand is one of Western Australia’s best known and most spectacular National Parks. Pristine and perfect are two words that reflect the absolute beauty is this park. The descent into Cape Le Grand National Park is breathtaking with passengers having a ‘woah’ moment as the expansive Lucky Bay with its pure white sand and clear blue water materialises in front of you. A huge draw is the blindingly white sandy beaches. Backed by massive granite peaks, wildlife like pygmy possums and kangaroos, nature doesn’t get much better than this.

Take your pick from numerous sheltered bays, with the dramatically named Hellfire Bay or the slightly more welcoming Lucky Bay being the two of the most popular. Here you will find an ocean coloured all imaginable shades of blue, sand so white and fine it squeaks between your toes and the extraordinary sight of kangaroos sunbathing on the beach – just incredible!

Hellfire Bay is another highlight with the comment “this is the most stunning beach I have ever seen” the usual response! The sand is so soft and pure white and when you are the only people there you will believe you have found heaven on earth.

In spring Cape Le Grand National Park bursts into colour as wildflowers bloom just adding more beauty to a place you thought couldn’t get any better.

Explore our tours to Esperance and don’t forget you can create your own journey doing a charter tour departing and returning back to Perth.

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Best Seasons:Spring, Summer, Autumn
Popular Location:Recherche Archipelago, Lucky Bay, Hellfire Bay

Esperance & Cape Le Grand Tours