Whale Watching Tours from Adelaide to Head of Bight in South Australia

Whale Watching at Head of Bight

The jaw droppingly beautiful Head of Bight near the Nullarbor Plain on South Australia’s Eyre Peninsula, is becoming renowned as one of Australia’s most spectacular whale watching sites.  With the backdrop of the spectacular Bunda Cliffs, pristine beaches, and accessible viewing platforms, the Head of Bight offers travellers a unique opportunity to view up to 170 Southern Right Whales as they frolic in the waters of the Great Australian Bight Marine Park. 

Every year from May to October the Southern Right Whales arrive at the Head of Bight to give birth, mate and socialise. There is never a dull moment when Whale watching in Eyre Peninsula, as they regularly engage in tail lobbing, flipper slapping and even head standing.  And at this special location you are close enough to hear the sound when they breach and their ginormous bodies hit the water.

Head of Bight Whale Watching Facts;

  • Whales take up ‘residence’ at the Head of Bight (HoB) for the entire 5-month winter period with the best time to visit June, July & August when you are guaranteed to see a whale
  • In June 2014 an aerial scan counted 169 Southern Right Whales, 2 Humpback Whales, a couple of Great White Sharks and lots of Dolphins
  • 1000 whales have been recorded in the HoB region and some observed returning since 1991
  • Whales are usually seen in mother and calf pairs, but occasionally hang out in groups of up to 20.
  • In June & July most of the whales you see are adults but by late August you can commonly see the mothers swimming along the cliffs with their young calves at their side. At this time there are often 70 or more whales in the area visible from the platform.
  • In 2012, 55 calves were born at HoB.
  • By the time the whales leave in October the calves have grown and have become strong enough to join their mothers on the long migration south.
  • You may be lucky enough to observe these 70 tonne mammals mating (look for groups rolling around on the surface).

Southern Right Whales were almost hunted to extinction. Because of this, these beautiful creatures have had complete protection since 1937 but they are still listed as “vulnerable”.  The Head of Bight is recognised as a calving ground & nursery of international significance for the species.

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